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Meet Our Team

In addition to our management team below there are thousands of Cake Angels volunteers all over the country. All of our Team and volunteers are unpaid. We are a not for profit that runs solely on the kindness of people.

Kellie Arney

Kellie has been a part of the Cake Angels team for nearly 10 years, she took on the role of president in 2014 in order to grow and develop the Cake Angels. Kellie wanted to make sure that as many families and children dealing with serious or life-long illness and disability could have access to the simple pleasure and amazing memories that a beautiful cake can bring. Kellie tells us the thing she is most proud of, is the Volunteers. These people literally pay for the ingredients, give up their time, and deliver the cake to these kids with no expectation in return they are simply amazing.

Udarie Kodituwakku

Secretary and IT Manager
Udarie has been an integral part of the Cake Angels since day one, simply starting as a volunteer and quickly moving into the IT management position. Udarie has a vast knowledge in IT and manages all of the support requirements of the team, volunteers and referral agencies, there isn’t an issue she can’t fix! Udarie is also heavily involved in managing and attending events, baking when required and generally getting involved where and whenever needed. Kellie says we could not run without Udarie! To contact -

Ange Tompkins

Volunteer Coordinator
Ange has the very important role of making sure the requests for cakes from the support agencies get to the volunteers, without this happening no one would get a cake!

Joshua Mann

Josh has the job of keeping the Cake Angels finances in check, whilst we are a not for profit, we still have donations, sponsorships and bills to manage. Josh’s finance background made him the perfect candidate to take on the treasury role.

Joanne McIntosh

Volunteer Coordinator
Jo was a very valued member of our team also working in the coordination role up until the middle of 2020 when she became too unwell to continue. Sadly we lost our beautiful friend in November 2020 and she will forever be missed.